Top 50 Hospital Administration Blogs

A career as a hospital administrator is exciting, fulfilling and demanding. The hospital administrator, like the doctor or nurse, plays a huge role in saving people’s lives, but the administrator doesn’t need a scalpel. You might discover from the current blogs listed below that hospital administrators assist their medical staffs, have a hand in local publicity, technical issues and usually has a broad knowledge about health care business, policy and law. These top 50 health administration blogs provide resources for those topics.

Cancer Hospital at the University of FloridaHospital Administrator Blogs

  1. Christina’s Considerations: Christina Thielst is a hospital and healthcare administrator and entrepreneur with a deep desire for improving community health.
  2. Healing Hospitals — Formerly Ask a Hospital President: This blog is maintained by Nick Jacobs, who answers questions about health care using his knowledge as a former hospital president.
  3. Hospital Life: Marty Bonick is the president and CEO of Jewish Hospital, and he shares his insights on running a health care facility.
  4. Leading the Way to Medical Excellence: The president of McLeod Health offers insight into the changing world of medicine and the business of health care.
  5. Life as a Healthcare CIO: Dr. John D. Halamka talks about supporting an entire hospital system, as well as other relevant topics, in this blog.
  6. MCDH CEO Forum: The Mendocino Coast District Hospital offers a blog that focuses on hospital and regional issues.
  7. More Than Medicine: Tom Quinn, CEO of Community General Hospital in Syracuse, NY offers his insights on medicine and life.
  8. Roper on Health: Dr. William L. Roper of the University of North Carolina Health Care System offers his take on various health issues.
  9. Running a Hospital: This blog is maintained by the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and offers insight into hospital administration.
  10. St. Joseph Medical Center: Scott, the CEO of St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, MO, shares his insight into hospital administration.
  11. Todd’s Perspective: Grinnell Regional Medical Center in Grinnell, Iowa, offers up a blog by the CEO Todd Linden. He shares his thoughts on running a non-profit hospital.
  12. Wachter’s World: Dr. Robert M. Wachter is Professor and Associate Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.
  13. WakeMed Voices: WakeMed Health & Hospitals discuss health care issues nationwide and in the community in this blog.

FTC Headquarters in Washington DCHealth Law and Policy Blogs

  1. Be Spacific: Daily law and technology news with links to reliable primary and secondary sources on topics such as e-government, privacy and more.
  2. Drug and Device Law: This blog is about topics that arise in the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation.
  3. FDA Law Blog: This blog is maintained by Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C., the largest dedicated food and drug law firm in the country.
  4. Health Care Renewal: This blog addresses threats to health care’s core values, especially those stemming from concentration and abuse of power.
  5. Health Commentary: This blog is hosted by veteran health care leader and advocate Mike Magee, MD, who brings the brings the concept of “health populism” to the Web.
  6. Health Impact Assessment Blog: This blog is intended as a mechanism to encourage information sharing between HIA practitioners and those with an interest in HIA.
  7. Health Populi: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is a health economist and management consultant who covers strategic planning, qualitative market research, forecasting, and health policy analysis.
  8. IH – BLOG: IH members are professionals who are engaged in international health and they comprise a pool of expertise in a field that covers a full range of international health activities.
  9. Life Sciences Legal Update: Content on this blog is published by Reed Smith to keep clients and friends informed of legal developments affecting the life sciences and health care industries.
  10. Managed Care Matters: This is Joe Paduda’s blog on managed care, covering health care cost containment, health policy, health research, and medical news for insurers, employers, and healthcare providers.
  11. The Health Care Blog: No list about health or hospital care can be complete without this blog. It is “everything you always wanted to know about the Health Care system…but were afraid to ask.”

Sample electronic health recordHeath IT Blogs

  1. Chilmark Research: Chilmark Research is a healthcare industry analyst firm performing market research and analysis on healthcare information technology (HIT) adoption and use.
  2. Crossover Health: If you are interested in healthcare, technology and business, take a look at this blog, an ongoing conversation about those topics.
  3. David Rothman is the Information Services Specialist at the Community General Hospital Medical Library of Greater Syracuse.
  4. e-CareManagement blog: Vince Kuraitis, owner of Better Health Technologies, LLC, writes about EHRs, PHRs, health policy and reform, ICT and much more.
  5. Found In Cache: Ed Bennett follows a different path, discussing social media resources for health care professionals.
  6. Health Business Blog: Co-found of MedPharma Partners LLC, David E. Williams provides a background in technology-enabled health care services.
  7. Healthcare & Technology: This blog covers Health IT, reform, EHRs, EMRs, Internet resources and more.
  8. Healthcare Technology News: If you crave news and opinion about healthcare technology, this blog will support your addiction.
  9. HealthNex: Follow this blog only if you want the most up-to-date information about EHR, clinical transformation and biobanking from IBM.
  10. Informaticopia: UK-biased, international perspective on health informatics and elearning.
  11. Medical Devices Today: Follow strategy, regulations, innovations and investment coverage from one of the industry’s top publications.
  12. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog: Follow this healthcare journalist’s views on the major segment of the industry he covers.
  13. Schwartz Healthcare IT Blog: Schwartz Communications provides insights into ways to use IT effectively within healthcare facilities.
  14. The Health IT Channel: It’s a blog, a video, a way to learn about health IT from across the spectrum.
  15. The Healthcare IT Guy: Shahid N. Shah is the CEO of Netspective Communications, which is a software consultancy.

Changes in Coverage Under House and Senate BillsHealth Insurance and Disease Management Blogs

  1. Disease Management Care Blog: This is a vast and ongoing resource from the world of disease management including informatics, pay-for-performance, health insurance and much more.
  2. Health Insurance: This column, written by Michael Bihari, MD, provides updated health insurance information.
  3. Health Insurance Blog: This health resources, which enables consumers to compare health insurance companies, offers a blog filled with health insurance-related news.
  4. Blog: This link takes you to the “health” portion of this insurance site, filled with interesting commentary and news.
  5. InsureBlog: This blog covers insurance issues, principles and solutions.
  6. Medicare Update: This blog covers Medicare compliance, reimbursement and enforcement.
  7. Piper Report: This blog is about Medicare, Medicaid, pharma, biotech, health reform, and more.
  8. Q1Medicare: This blog is powered by the Q1Group LLC, which supplies education and decision support tools for the Medicare community.
  9. Terms + Conditions Insurance Blog: This insurance industry blog aims to provide timely information and discussion on contemporary insurance topics.
  10. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Alan Katz is a past president of both the National and the California Associations of Health Underwriters.
  11. Workers’ Comp Insider: This is Lynch Ryan’s blog about risk management, business insurance, workplace health and safety and related topics.

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